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Snowblower Front Weights

Snowblower Front Weights

An important accessory for snow blowers is Front weight kits. Front weight kits are designed specifically for two-stage, or dual-stage, snow throwers. Front weights can be added to two-stage snow blowers of all types, styles and brands. Front weights are best for snow blowers of 24-inch and wider.

Front weights often come in the form of a weight bar that is attached to the front of your snow blower. When buying a front weight kit for your snow blower some things to consider are how much snow you clear, brand, type, style, amount of weight, whether or not you have a snow cab, and price.

Front weight kits serve two important functions for two-stage snow blowers. First, front weights prevent kick ups. Kick ups occur when the bucket of the snow blower ride up when the snow drifts. The added weight of front weights will keep the bucket planted to the ground.

Second, a front weight kit can help to counterbalance the weight of the snow thrower if you have a snow cab attached to the back of your snow blower. All wheels, front and back, of a snow blower should be balanced and weight evenly distributed. Therefore, if you have a snow cab on your snow blower you should definitely have a front weight kit as well.

Like all snow blower accessories, there are both cheap and expensive front weight kits available for snow blowers. It is also even possible to add your own weight to the front of your snow blower. Some of the popular manufacturers of front weights are the Husqvarna, Ariens and Toro snow thrower brands.

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